3 Desmond Street, Kramerville 

iLVE was founded in Italy in 1969 by two partners, Mr. Illotti and Mr. Berno, who, with their families, still control the company.

iLVE began, like many family businesses, in the garage of Mr. Illotti’s house and slowly grew to its current size. In the early nineties their sons joined the business and actively participate in the management thereof.

iLVE is a company that strongly believes in safety and quality. This belief has been demonstrated in all of iLVE's products, produced and admired for over 40 years. The wealth of experience gained during this period together with a specific know how in gas and electric household cooking appliances, has resulted in advanced safety technology mixed with superior design and unique styling. The iLVE product range is consistent with the latest design trends and will enhance any type of interior. All products are manufactured according to International Standards and their quality is continuously controlled by world major Certification Institutes. iLVE's mission is to offer the widest choice of cooking appliances to meet any specific kitchen requirements, through leadership in design and technical innovation. iLVE leads in quality, safety, design and choice of options, and has the confidence to maintain this lead in the future.

iLVE South Africa was established in the year 2000.